Avalon, Catalina Island

Open Competition = Improved Freight Services

For the first time in the City’s history, Avalon residents can choose to end a monopoly that controls all freight coming to and from the Island. Your help is needed to make this happen.

Benefits of Open Competition For Freight Services

  1. Prevents costs from skyrocketing.
  2. Alternative shipping locations (beyond Wilmington).
  3. Better customer service.
  4. More options to deliver drinking water.
  5. Potential to lower cost of gasoline.

Here’s the Issue: A process is quickly unfolding that would result in only one company being granted the exclusive right to provide freight services for the next 29 years. If successful, the monopoly will continue and residents will be stuck with only one freight provider. Costs could skyrocket and we’ll continue to have only a single location to transport items to and from the mainland.

How you can help: Send a Letter! The California Public Utility Commission and the Avalon City Council need to hear from you. They need to hear you desire the benefits of open competition for freight services.

If you agree with the letter below, please complete the form and push submit. Your letter will be automatically sent to the Avalon City Council and the California Public Utility Commission.

End the Monopoly. Send the Letter!

Dear Members of the California Public Utility Commission and Avalon City Council:

Qualified freight providers should be given the opportunity to compete for our business and be given equal access to the freight landing sites within Avalon. Ending the monopoly will improve service and control cost. No One Loses With Open Competition.

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Tell us why you support open competition for Catalina’s freight services.

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